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Pink polka dot First Birthday cake

I have a regular client that I have cultivated a relationship with.  From sampling to small orders before their big event, the first birthday of their little girl Madeline.  I know from experience at least for me it was amazing when my son then my daughter made it through to their first birthday.  There is so much growing, learning, and milestones for both the baby and the parents.  =)  Pictures below…

They ordered a small set of 12 cupcakes for a pre party, with only close family.  The big party is going to be 1 week away with over 100 people.

They came in and ordered those pre party cupcakes while I was off.  Asked that I do them as they trusted me and we had discussed what her wishes were.  Coworker  A took the order, ignored their wishes and did not inform them that I would not be there to complete it.  Coworker A completed the order, and went about their business.

The lady came in and was completely unhappy with the way it turned out.  Coworker A used the wrong color pink, and my client tells me she could see finger prints in the icing dots.  (eeeewwww)  Coworker A then argued with the client saying it is right, right in front of my bosses. My bosses had the cupcakes redone for her by someone else, and promised I would be the one to do her big order.  I was called at home on my day off and told what happened with my client.

Needless to say I came into work after my weekend the place was a buzz like an angry hornets nest.  Apparently Coworker A was fired, not just cause of the arguing, but because rule breaking.  I would love to say this is the first time that Coworker A had a problem like this, and the first time they argued with a client but it is not.  The firing was coming down the pike and it was their unfortunate timing that they argued with a client in front of our bosses on the same day as the axe came down.

I brought in fondant from home, so I could make Madeline’s smash cake a special 1st birthday cake.  I called my client and made sure it was ok that I put the fondant on it.  She told me that she trusted me.  Yay for me that makes my job easier.

Enough rambling Tanya on with the pictures:

White cake, white buttercream icing, white fondant base, baby pink dots, ribbon/bow, and present tag.  She loved the smash cake.  I did more than she asked for.  Originally she just was going to get a white icing cake with pink polka dots.

She also wanted 100 cupcakes, 50 white, 50 chocolate.  1/4 white icing with pink polka dots, 1/4 pink icing with white polka dots, and 1/2 white icing with pink jimmy’s.  

When she came in and saw the smash cake, and all the cupcakes.  She was so happy.  She smiled and gave me a hug, thanking me.  I apologized for the bad experience she had with Coworker A, and she was so gracious where she did not have to be.  I was worried she would still be mad.


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