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Firefly and Astronomy 50th Birthday Cake

The wonderful lady that ordered the Merlin cake came back for another order.  For her husbands 50th birthday. 

He is an astronomer, and loves the sci fiction series Firefly.  So we did a cake mash up of the two things.  One of his favorite planets is Saturn so we had to add that to the cake. 

His favorite flavor profile is chocolate and hazel nut.  So I made a two tiered fondant covered cake. The cake was devils food cake, filling was hazelnut and chocolate, and I make a hazelnut chocolate buttercream.

To tie the two concepts together, I made planets, one of his favorite telescopes, the Firefly class ship, Mal’s gun holster, Firefly logo, and Saturn one of his favorite planets.  His favorite colors are blue and green so I made sure to incorporate that into the design. 


Mal’s gun holster

And here are some of the in progress pictures of the items I modeled out of fondant.


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